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NEUSPEED RS Touch-Up Paint

$ 354.00

Touch up paint for NEUSPEED RS wheels. See the wheel color chart to get a specified color for your wheel.

Do keep in mind, these touch-up paints are NOT a 100% match with the factory wheel paint. Using image scanning machines, local automotive store scans to get the closest paint match possible.

Additionally, this touch-up paint is meant for touching up small, dime-sized or smaller blemishes. If you have damage larger than that, we recommend visiting your local body shop to pursue refinishing.


  • 1 oz. Paint
  • Brush - Inside Bottle
  • Shaker Ball - Inside Bottle
  • Glossy finishes come with separate hardener (4 paint: 1 hardener)
  • Black - Gloss automotive touch-up paint purchase from your local auto parts store.